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Puch d’Agenais


Starting at the Garonne Channel, several roads wind along the countryside before reaching the village which stands on the foothill.
Travellers may visit the churches of VINES (XIIIth century) and LOMPIAN, have an instructive pause at the Minerals Museum of Falotte or purchase local products.
The obvious variety of landscapes stands for our inhabitants’ dynamic farming activities and their high quality of life.
Every day, near the restored market, the street comes alive thanks to our school and multishop. The market building is made out of oak wood pillars and its framework was directly axe-carved (XVIth – XVIIth cent.) ; street-shows are regularly held here.
Nearby, you may visit Gothic church of Saint-Pierre, famous for its splendid stained-glass windows and ribbed vaults.

Le Bourg
47160 - Puch-d'Agenais

Tél. : 05 53 79 43 52
Fax : 05 53 79 37 30

Puch d'Agenais
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