Le Cathare***

Campsite - 3 star

Welcome to Cathare Campsite in Belflou.
50 km distance from Toulouse and 50 km from Carcassonne. Located near a XVIIth century priory, the Cathare Campsite lies in a park where a 400-year old cedar stands majestically; Monique and her family will warmly welcome you. Pétanque (french bawls), mini-golf, playground. You can also discover and enjoy fishing, sailing, keat surfing, hiking, mountain bike, etc…
And in summer-time, when the night has just fallen on the lake shore, you will delightly attend the concert a thousand birds and batrachians will give you!

Rooms with or without meals, mobile home.
Dishes to take away (Cassoulet)
Exit the "Écluse de l’Océan" and follow the signs "The Cathars".
Good road, you’ll be rewarded!

Château de La Barde
11410 - Belflou

GPS localization on the Midi Canal : 43.315550 , 1.802030

Tel. : 06 61 10 86 58 / 06 17 96 05 14
Email : contact@cap-ganguise.fr
Web site : www.cap-ganguise.fr

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